Sunday, August 10, 2003

First, I'd like to apologize for my extended silence. Second, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on the status of my ass. It, likewise, thanks everyone too and sends its regards.

It seems I've been involved in a surge of strange events, ranging from riding donkeys and being slightly attracted to a second cousin. As I type, I am in Santorini, a volcanic island, where it is rumored Brad Pitt is summering with his drag queen of a wife Jenifer Aniston.

Suddenly, my life has purpose again. No rock will be left untouched, no valley, no gorge, no ravine, stream, red-pebbled beach, will go unnoticed until I find him and he, wistfully and somewhat premeditated, compliments me on my muscled calf.

Today I bought my hunting sandals, a pair of leather things a gay Hermes would wear.

I will go on foot.

I will not rest.