Tuesday, November 18, 2003


So, let's say you meet a guy, and you end up kissing this guy the first night you meet him because (a) you're very drunk and (b) in a sailor suit because it's (c) the night before Halloween, and weeks later he asks you out on a date, to which you of course agree to, and spend the night having great Mediterranean food and surprisingly pleasant conversation with, and, of course, you agree to spend the night at his apartment, but around eight in the morning, when the sun starts to creep through the curtains and the Merlot has long lost its effect on you, you collect your things, your tossed shirt that's managed to find itself around his elbow, and tip-toe out of his apartment with neither a note or a meticulously placed rose on his pillow to account for your absence, should you be surprised to find that he has yet to call you?

I mean, really, should you?

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Designing (Wo)men

Html-ling a new, austere template to match my new, simpler spiritual self is as straining as, I would imagine, childbirth.

I feel bloated already.

Things are coming along nicely, I would say. There are a few minor changes, like that perfect mirror above the sofa or casually tossed silk throw, that could make me step back, take a long meditative pause, and sigh in contentment.

One should see me decorating my bathroom.

I’m as passionate about tea light settings as Vivaldi was about violin solos.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


So, I had thought that I would give this blog thing a rest, but two events have occurred that forbid me from doing so.

(1) I lost five pounds.

(2) I ran across this (click Watch It Now).

How could I not run to the nearest mountain and yell my trembling heart out?